Brief Introduction

Zhejiang Cancer Research Institute

Zhejiang Cancer Research Institute was founded on December 10, 1985 as an institute associate with Zhejiang Cancer Hospital by the Health and Family Planning Commission of  Zhejiang Province.

The mission of the institute is to innovate cancer research and benefit human health, which is guided by the national healthcare planning and the current trend of cancer research. The institute carries out applied and basic researches driven by clinical needs, focuses its research programs on the early detection of cancer and precise multimodality therapy. The major research fields include: early detection and multimodality therapy related research, minimally invasive therapy of cancer, precision radiation therapy and chemotherapy, integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine treatment, translational medical research, etc. Presently the institute hosts the Zhejiang Key Laboratory of Diagnosis & Treatment Technology on Thoracic Oncology (Lung and Esophagus), Zhejiang Key Laboratory of Radiation Oncology, Zhejiang Key Laboratory of Head and Neck Cancer (in preparation), Zhejiang Key Laboratory of Integrated Traditional Chinese & Western Medicine on Cancer, the Key Laboratory of Oncology Pharmacology Laboratory, national post-doctoral training station, the Biological Sample Library and the Zhejiang Cancer Hospital scientific research technical support platform.

The Institute employs 234 faculty members. 35 graduate students and 6 post-doctoral fellows are currently under training in the Institute. There are 15 research groups. The faculty includes 25 professors. Among them, there are 1 Zhejiang Provincial Premium Expert, 4 Zhejiang Province Young or Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions, 6 Experts with special stipends by the State Council, one National Excellent Female Worker and 1 national 51 labor medal awardee. One faculty member was selected as Zhejiang New Century 151 talent program premium level talent, 2 as 1st level talent, 2 as 2nd level talent and 5 as 3rd level talent. 8 was selected as Zhejiang healthcare system high level talent, 3 as new talent in the medical field, 4 as Qian jiang talent of Zhejiang Province, 9 as Zhejiang Cancer Hospital 1022 program 1st talent and 4 as 2nd level talent.

Ever since its establishment, Zhejiang Cancer Research Institute has focused its researches in the fields of epidemiology, etiology and pathogenesis of cancer, early detection, molecular typing and precision treatment. And the majority of the resources are dedicated to clinical and laboratory studies of thoracic cancer, head and neck cancer, digestive tract tumor and gynecological cancer. A well-structured team of scientists with innovative spirit and international vision has been built and significant progress has been made by collective efforts. Over the years, the institute has made a series of important findings that are published in well recognized international journals, and has awarded 52 prizes include: The 1st grade National Prize for Science and Technology Progress; The 1st, 2st, 3st grades ZheJiang Provincial Prize for Science and Technology Progress and etc. Meanwhile, on the application side, the Institute actively explores the opportunities to transfer and transform the intellectual properties derived from these studies into medical practice. The aim is to provide scientific and technological support for the formulation of the national public policy in respective of cancer illness and healthcare, and to aid the development of the related industry.

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Dr. Wei-min MAO

The President of ZheJiang Cancer Hospital. The Director of ZheJiang Cancer Research Institute. The Director of ZheJiang Cancer Center. Chief Physician. Professor and doctoral supervisor at WenZhou Medical and ZheJiang Chinese Medical University.

The executive member of the council of China Anti-Cancer Association. The vice-chairman of Esophagus Cancer Professional Committee. The stainding committee member of Lung Cancer Professional Committee of Chinese Anti-Cancer Association. The stainding committee member of CSCO. The vice-chairman of Thoracic Surgery Association of Chinese Medical Doctor Association. The member of Tumor Branch of Chinese Medical Association. The member of International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer and the International Society for Diseases of the Esophagus.

The Super Experts in Zhejiang province. The Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions to ministry of health and ZheJiang province. The Great Medical Spirit awardee of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association in 2005. The National Outstanding Physicians of 2008. The ZheJiang 5-1 Labor Medalist of 2010.

He has published more than 200 papers in the domestic and international academic journals, and has contributed in more than 10 books. He has been awarded with the first, second, third prize of Zhejiang progress prize in Science & Technology; the first, second, third prize of Zhejiang Scientific & Technological Progress. He has hosted more than 20 scientific research projects, such as 863 plan, NSFC, National Science & Technology Key Project etc. He has also participated in more than 20 clinical trials.

He is the Chief Editor of journal of Chinese Oncology, deputy editor in chief of Chinese journal of cancer. He is editor of more than 10 domestic journals, including The Chinese oncology magazines, Chinese medicine hospital evaluation and analysis, Chinese journal of lung cancer, clinical oncology, ZheJiang medicine etc.