Brief Introduction

Clinical Trial Center

Zhejiang Cancer Hospital was issued “Qualification Certificate of Drug Clinical Trial Institution” (certificate number: 0043) by China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) On October 24, 2005,The Division of Oncology was accredited. On September 25, 2013 and March 6, 2017, our institution successfully passed the re-qualification inspection on drug clinical trial institutions conducted by CFDA. The current director of the institution is Professor Weimin Mao. After more than ten years of development, according to the Good Clinical Practice (GCP) principles, the institution has established a comprehensive clinical trial management system on documents, regulations, standard operating procedures (SOPs) and professional emergency plans. We also set up our own quality assurance system, data management system and clinical trial drug management system. We demonstrated our compliance with GCP principles in multiple on-site clinical trial inspection, gradually becoming an important force in the anti-tumor drug clinical trial team of China. 

The clinical trial institution is responsible for clinical trials of registered phase II, III and IV research of anti-tumor drug, in-vitro diagnostic reagent, medical devices and investigator- initiated clinical trials. Since establishment, the institution has undertaken more than 200 clinical trials for registration, of which almost 100 are international multi-center clinical trials, and also undertaken nearly 200 investigator-initiated clinical trials. 

The institution has more than 40 experts with extensive experience and high reputation in clinical trials. More than 400 medical personnel have received GCP regulation and clinical trial technical training. They have extensive experience in clinical trial.